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Energy. The first steps towards reform. Interview with LLC "ORESC" Director Alexander Niverchuk

Reform of the energy market is the largest among those implemented in the Ukrainian economy since the Independence. Experts agree that the Ukrainian energy sector has moved to market relations fairly confidently and even gracefully. This is a great credit to the domestic energy industry. It should be reminded that since July 1, 2019 a new liberalized model of the wholesale electricity market was introduced in Ukraine. Traditional monopolists - oblenergo, have been replaced by new, modern and ambitious companies. About 200 suppliers are registered in the Odesa region alone. Aleksandr Niverchuk told about the transition to new market conditions in practice.A few quotes: “Almost two years before the reforms began, we were studying the experience of other countries, so internally we were ready for the changes that had taken place. But this is only the beginning, as the reforms in neighboring Poland have been going on for almost 18 years and they have not yet completed all of the stages they have been going through. ” “There are now four markets in Ukraine: the bilateral contracts market, the day-ahead market, the intra-day market and the balancing market.There are some really interesting processes going on there. For example, if in July we bought electricity at the price of 1 UAH 74 cents, now the price has dropped to an average of 1 UAH 50 cents. For the clients of our company, and for the clients in Ukraine as a whole, this means that, in my opinion, the process is quite correct when the market dictates the price. ” “Regarding competition. Lists of energy supply companies are displayed on the NERCEP website. There are already more than 800 licensees and at each meeting of the regulator 5-6 licenses are issued. For us, this means that we need to introduce new software products, improving service.We can already see that the client is looking for a supplier who will be cheaper. But I want to point out that anyone can sell electricity, but there is still a lot to learn to sell quality service. For our company, improving the service is the main goal and honorable mission. ” The staff of LLC "ORESС" congratulates its energy colleagues on a professional holiday, wishes for endurance and inspiration for the coming years. And most importantly, do not lose professional dignity and act in the interests of the consumer under any circumstances.

17 January 2020