Odesa Regional Energy Supply Company pays great attention to informing the population about the changes taking place in the electricity market of Ukraine.
A new market, new conditions, new interesting opportunities for consumers are being formed. Our goal is to be as clear and honest as possible with our customers. We are constantly preparing educational materials that help to understand the basic principles of the new system in the energy sector, to understand well the tariffs and methods of energy saving, to quickly navigate our site, in their own accounts. All this to make it easy for you to work with us. To make our materials as useful as possible for you, ask your questions in the form of feedback or at .

Important information about tariff changes.

ODESSA REGIONAL ENERGY SUPPLY COMPANY LLC informs about changes in prices for transmission and distribution of electricity (effective from 01.08.2020). In this regard, please read the updated pric...

11 July 2020

These amazing people are an important part of ORESC LLC customer service. Their role is to provide comprehensive answers to questions of interest to consumers when interacting with our company.

Call center operators save your time, help you quickly navigate the current rates, coordinate your requests to the company's departments. They are always smiling and full of respect for you, dear c...

08 July 2020

Рівно рік тому, 1 липня 2019 року, в Україні запрацювала нова модель ринку електроенергії. Почалося поетапне впровадження енергетичної Реформи.

На виконання зобов'язань України по Третьому енергетичному пакету ЄС в квітні 2017 року парламентаріями прийнятий закон "Про ринок електричної енергії". Закон "Про ринок електроенергії" передбачає...

01 July 2020

Как мы прожили год по новым правилам: долги в наследство, «зеленый тариф», конкуренция и коронавирус.

Украинские реалии европейской модели энергорынка.Ровно год тому назад, 1 июля 2019 года, в Украине заработала новая модель рынка электроэнергии. Началось поэтапное внедрение энергетической Реформы.

01 July 2020

Important information about tariff changes.

Tariffs for electricity supplied to the population for July 2020:

15 June 2020
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