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National Commission for State Regulation in the Spheres of Energy and Utilities (NKREKP) by Resolutions of 30.10.2020 № 1968 “On Amendments to the Procedure for Pricing Universal Services” and by 04.11.2020 № 1998 “On Amendments to the Resolution NKREKP dated December 10, 2019 № 2668 ”approved changes in the Procedure for setting prices for universal services and changes in the tariff for electricity transmission.

How exactly will the price change from December 1? With regard to legal entities - small non-domestic customers, to whom electricity is supplied at the tariff of the universal service provider: the updated prices for universal services for December 2020 are available by the link.

Please also pay attention to customers who are supplied with electricity at free prices, that for them the price component changes - the tariff for electricity transmission from December 1, 2020, which can be found by the link.

06 November 2020