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✅How has the quarantine crisis affected the default crisis?
✅Do service providers have the right to stop customer service for non-payment?
✅ What way out of the situation do they see?
🎙  🔴 On the air of the evening studio "Ukrainian Radio" / Odessa, host Gennady Stepanenko asked urgent questions about the status of payments for utilities already provided, and electricity consumed & nbsp; during quarantine.
- Director of Odessa Regional Energy Supply Company Oleksandr Niverchuk,
- Serhiy Chaban, a spokesman for the Infoxvodokanal branch.
As of September 15, only 30% of consumers had paid Infoxvodokanal's bills, and the total debt exceeded UAH 240 million.
The regional energy supply company has been setting an anti-record for several months: condominiums and management companies pay for less than half of the services already received.
Will such negative payment discipline lead to a collapse in the coming autumn-winter period?
Link to the program:

16 September 2020