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These amazing people are an important part of ORESC LLC customer service. Their role is to provide comprehensive answers to questions of interest to consumers when interacting with our company.

... These amazing people are an important part of ORESC LLC customer service. Their role is to provide comprehensive answers to questions of interest to consumers when interacting with our company. Call center operators save your time, help you quickly navigate the current rates, coordinate your requests to the company's departments. They are always smiling and full of respect for you, dear customers.
And they have only one request to you: please be polite in communication! After all, "at the other end of the wire" is not a soulless robot, but a sensitive, friendly, and naturally vulnerable - Woman!

Call center operators and specialists of the information and consulting center of ORESC LLC took part in the Stress Resistance training.

During the training, participants shared the most difficult situations that are out of balance, reflected in the general condition of professionals.


❌Customers who call to "speak out" (merge their negativity). At the same time, most often, their dissatisfaction is not related to the activities of our company. They express their general dissatisfaction with life, government and the world situation...

❌Clients with low literacy are poorly aware of the changes that have taken place in the energy market. Most of the time we have to explain that #oresc_notodesaoblenergo and suggest options for transmitting meter readings to the JSC, often and at length to tell the procedure of interaction between us, as a supplier, and the operators of the distribution system (DSO) - JSC "Odesaoblenergo" and JSC "Ukrzaliznytsia".
It is frustrating to talk about tariffs that are set and regulated by the state, not our company.

It is out of balance that people do not want to hear us and instead of taking note of new information and restructuring, they continue to express their dissatisfaction with the social policies and activities of companies to which we have no relation and over which we have no influence.

❌ Clients are "mourners-complainants" who, in the course of clarifying information, complain about life in a continuous background, telling in detail about themselves and their "special cases".

❌ Customers in the positions: "I pay you" and "my opinion is the only correct one". A complex category of people who are not ready to listen and hear objective information.

❌Clients who are rude allow insults and obscene language.

On average, a call center operator receives more than two hundred calls per shift. Record = 325. Imagine an information bomb with such "content" that falls daily on people whose main task is to help! Help, but do not put your mental, physical and emotional health under the impact of people with a low culture of communication..

In all this flow of toxic destructive calls-requests the small percent of really address is allocated. Operators love these call’s, they are like a breath of fresh air. These are our mathematical problems and mini-puzzles, which we are happy to solve together with clients, without unnecessary emotional foam, calmly, constructively, in fact

We thank:

✅Customers who briefly and essentially explain the essence of the request, do not abuse the operator's time, do not pass on the identity.

✅Customers who have given themselves the job to understand the functionality of the supplier company and address address issues related to the activities of LLC "ORESC".

✅Our apologies are accepted to clients who admit that mistakes are possible in any work and with dignity, understanding, without unnecessary comments.

✅Customers who know how to listen and are willing to hear about the innovations and rules that have occurred in the market.

✅To customers who show respect and courtesy in dialogue with operators.

We learn self-help techniques in stressful situations, we learn to bring conflicts and criticism to the level of awareness. We learn to be useful to you. And we very much hope that you, dear clients, support us with the simple human attitude accepted in the circle of educated people.
Thank You in advance!

08 July 2020