Conclude contract

The supply of electricity to the customer is made under the agreement on the supply of electricity to the consumer by the customer selected by the electricity supplier, who has received the relevant license, at free prices. Before concluding the electricity supply contract, the customer must familiarize himself with the electricity supply terms, rights and obligations, select the appropriate commercial offer and state it in the statement attached to the terms of the contract. The commercial offer chosen by the client is an annex to the concluded contract. The client concludes the contract for the supply of electricity to the consumer by joining the consumer to the contract on the terms of the selected commercial offer, for which the consumer submits an application for connection to the electricity supplier. In accordance with paragraph 3.2.11. The Client shall, together with the statement of accession, also provide the electricity supplier with the following documents:

  1. for legal entities and entrepreneurs:
  2. • a copy of the document confirming the authority of the person to conclude the contract (excerpt from the constituent document on the authority of the head - for legal entities, a copy of the power of attorney issued in due course); • an extract or a copy of the certificate or a copy of an excerpt from the CDU;
  3. for individuals:
  4. • Certificate of assignment of the taxpayer's individual identification number or registration number of the taxpayer card, or a copy of the passport (from individuals who, due to their religious or other beliefs, refuse to accept the identification number, have officially informed the relevant authorities and have a tick in the passport certificate of assignment of the identification number of the individual - the taxpayer is not required);
  5. in the cases specified by the law - a copy of the declaration of readiness of the object for operation or certificate (for newly constructed and reconstructed electrical installations), a copy of the declaration for the beginning of construction works or the permit for construction works (for the conclusion of the contract for the supply of electricity to the consumer at construction sites) ;
  6. documents confirming the existence of a contract concluded with the system operators for electricity distribution (transmission) services (passport of the distribution point (transmission), information on the EIS code assigned).

The contract between the electricity supplier and the customer is concluded by joining the contract developed by the electricity supplier on the terms of a commercial offer published by the electricity supplier. The universal service provider's electricity supply contract shall be concluded by acceding to the terms of the universal service provider's electricity contract posted on the provider's website, by paying a bill received from the universal service provider or by actually consuming any amount of electricity, or signing of the application-accession to the terms of the agreement on the supply of electricity by the universal service provider. The agreement on the purchase and sale of electricity at a “green” tariff to a private household is an annex to the agreement on the supply of electricity with the universal service provider. For its conclusion the client provides the following documents: