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How convenient is it to pay for electricity online? Simple recipes from ORESC LLC

Use the page on our website We have collected for you links to the most popular payment systems. Choose the one you are already used to, or trust the most!

The central window already has ready tips for you on how to make an online payment.

In the beginning, take care of the following:

1. Internet connection
2. Mobile device for receiving SMS messages with a code from your bank.
3. Links to payment services.
4. Information about your personal account: account number and the name of the department that serves you (selected from the list). Such information is always displayed in the receipts.

Where can I pay?

• On the page of LLC "ORESC"
• In the application of your bank (for example Privat24, Monobank, etc.)
• In a special service HERZ
• Through popular payment services.



How exactly to pay the bill?

1. Select the recipient from the list (territorial division of the ORESC company that serves you at the place of residence);
2. Enter № personal account;
3.Leave a comment on the template (optional);
4. Fill in the payment card data;
5.Specify the amount;
6. Confirm payment.

We recommend that you register a personal account on our website. Follow this link you will find a registration form and detailed video instructions with tips. Your personal account is your own representation in our company. After adding a personal account, the account will display the history of your payments, current information about tariffs, volumes and the latest electronic invoice. This means you no longer have to wait for a postman with a paper receipt.


You can add any number of personal accounts to your account and download electronic payments for each of them for yourself and the users you help. Pay attention to people in your close circle who do not have access to the Internet and help them! You can pay for your parents online, or print payments to good neighbors so they don't stand in line.

Let's take care of exemplary payment discipline together, confirm the status of Odesa as a European region!

Remember that even a small debt on the scale of a city of a million turns into a big problem!

Odesa regional energy supply company buys electricity for you on a monthly basis at a prepayment. We sincerely thank you for timely payments, thank you for the correct timely transmission of impressions to the distribution operators of JSC "Odesaoblenergo" and JSC "Ukrzaliznytsia".

We wish light to your homes, prosperity to your families!

With love in my heart, with faith in people, your energy supply company LLC "ORESK"

14 May 2020