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Important information for consumers!

In accordance with the requirements of the Rules of the retail electricity market LLC "ORESC" informs about changes and publication of an updated version of the commercial offer for individual and collective household consumers, for businesses that manage an apartment building, small non-household consumers, these changes come into force on 01.07.2021

The updated commercial offer, taking into account the changes, can be found on the website of LLC "ORESC" at the links: Commercial_proposal_1_UP__redaktsiya_vid_09.06.2021_r
Commercial_proposal_2_1-UP_Payment on the fact edition from 09.06.2021_r

Also, in accordance with the requirements of the Rules of the retail electricity market, we inform that in case of disagreement with the changes, the consumer has the right to early termination of the contract without any penalties, which the consumer must notify the supplier in writing.

According to item 5.1. Contract on supply of electricity by the universal service provider, in case the Supplier notifies the Consumer of changes in the terms of this Agreement (including price change) caused by changes in regulated price components, tariff for electricity transmission and / or distribution services, price (tariff) for the services of the universal service provider) and / or changes in regulations on the formation of this price or conditions of electricity supply, this Agreement is considered from the date specified in the notice of change of its conditions (but not earlier than 20 days from the date notification to the Consumer):

1) terminated (without penalties) at the initiative of the Consumer - in the case of providing the Supplier with a written statement of the Consumer about the disagreement / rejection of changes;

2) changed on the terms offered by the Supplier - if the Consumer has not provided the Supplier with a written statement of disagreement / non-acceptance of the changes.

09 June 2021