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The expert called the reform of the electricity market the greatest since independence

The expert stated that the energy sector of Ukraine has moved to market relations almost filigree, which is a great merit of domestic energy. Energy market reform is the largest economic reform since Independence. The head of the All-Ukrainian Energy Assembly Ivan Plachkov wrote about it in his blog for the Left Bank, analyzing the launch of a new electricity market since July 1.“The skepticism about the professionalism of the reformers, the fear of possible unforeseen tariff violations, in the end, did not turn into total disappointment, and the market worked. The collapse of the first, most difficult decade, did not happen either. Instead, in my opinion, the reform of the electricity market in Ukraine has been ahead of all reforms in the country's economic sector since independence, ”Plachkov wrote.The expert stated that the energy sector of Ukraine has moved to market relations almost filigree, which is a great merit of domestic energy. “Today we can state that a working electricity exchange has been established in Ukraine. And this is indisputable proof of the transfer of Ukrainian electricity to the rails of market relations! Ukraine's electricity complex has moved to the most modern, most objective level of interconnections in the electricity market, which meets high world standards, ”Plachkov said.He also did not rule out that there may be some shortcomings in the functioning of the new market over time, but expressed confidence in the ability of professionals to overcome them. “Some of the shortcomings and outright confrontations that may arise over time in the electricity market should not be a factor in stopping electricity reforms. The experience gained in recent years gives us confidence that the barriers will be overcome.The key to this is that it will take place in terms of professional understanding that Ukraine has no other path - confirmed by the experience of other successful countries, ”Plachkov predicts. We will remind, on July 1 the new electricity market, in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On the Electricity Market", approved in 2017 by the Verkhovna Rada, started. According to the law, the new model envisages the introduction of such segments as the market of bilateral agreements, the market "one day ahead", the internal market, the balancing market.Starting a new electricity market is Ukraine's commitment to implementing the EU's Third Energy Package. Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman said at a government meeting on July 5 that the new electricity market is functioning successfully and the price of electricity has not increased. He also stressed that since July 1, the energy market has been operating within the limits and price limits created by the decisions of the government and the industry regulator.
According to the UNIAN:

01 January 2020