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New electricity prices for the population from October 2021

Explains Igor Ivanovich Bondarenko -
Head of the Department of Electricity Supply for Universal Service.

The electricity tariff of UAH 1.44 / kWh will be valid from October 1 to April 30, 2022 for consumption up to 250 kW per month, for consumption above this amount the tariff remains at UAH 1.68 / kWh

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This is stated in Government Resolution No. 859 of August 11.

The tariff of UAH 1.68 / kWh will also apply to dormitories and collective household consumers.

In addition, for consumers with a multi-tariff method, a fixed price ratio will be applied depending on the time of use.

Yes, for two-zone differentiation in the time period from 23 to 7 hours (night minimum load of the power system) the coefficient will be 0.5 of a fixed price.

With three-zone differentiation by time periods, it will be 1.5 fixed prices per hour of maximum power system load (from 8 to 11 hours and from 20 to 22 hours) and 0.4 fixed prices per hour of night minimum power system load (from 23 to 7 hours).

15 September 2021